July favourites

Hello there!

Here are my fave products I used this month. You will find make-up,beauty and everyday products too. Enjoy!

The first product is The Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower body lotion which I got on my last trip to England. The scent is just incredible. It’s quite runny so you need to go careful with it. The lotion makes my skin feel extra soft and smooth. And it’s NOT tested on animals. Even better.

IMG_6232                IMG_6243


My new favourite notepad is the Pukka Pad Jotta notebook. I think you can get this in England as well. If you come across one, don’t even hesitate, just get it. It has 200 pages of micro-perfed quality writing paper. I highly recommend it. It’s marvellous for “proper” writing and just jotting down things. I use it as my journal and I’m obsessed with this darling. The cover design is simple, but effective; just the thing to catch your eye. As you can tell, I love it. Number 1.


Next thing on my list is a Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist. (I literally just typed everything in that I could find on the bottle-well not quite.) This is a protecting spray that prevents any damage caused by a hair straightener. The smell is nice, and it is a great purchase if your looking for something like this. I always use it before attempting to straighten my hair-which let me tell you: isn’t that easy-, I’ve used it for a good while now and so far it’s doing a great job. I personally love it.

IMG_6231                        IMG_6234


About a week ago I got  two Essence The Gel nail polishes. I got a pastell pink (?) and an -also pastel- blue coloured. I have tried both and like them,but I prefer the blue over the pinky-orange one. It’s delicate and appropiate for most occasions. They both do a great job in covering my nails properly and they do stay on for a reasonable amount of time;they don’t wear off that quickly. I’m going to wear both on my holiday. Bright summer colours.


Next is an also Essence (I really like this brand) Big Bright Eyes Jumbo eye pencil. The colour is quite pale, you can bearly see it, but for the summer it is perfect. It’s sparkly which is a little funky-as it says on the pencil. I didn’t actually buy this item, I got it with the Joy magazine. Good job I got it! The texture is creamy and it is the easiest eye pencil to use. It only takes me 2 seconds/eye to apply. I really like it. It isn’t heavy on your eyelids and it isn’t very flashy either but it just makes that difference you would like to have during the summer. Must have.


IMG_6238              IMG_6239

Also a summer must have is the Miss Sporty 24H Pump Up Booster waterproof mascara. I have it in the colour 001 (‘Black’). It opens up your sight, it’s waterproof and affordable – what more can you want for the hot days? I use it a lot and it looks stunning. With the Essence eye pencil mentioned above it’s just marvellous for a nude everyday look. The brush is quite big, but that is exactly what boosts those lashes up. I like the smell of it too. I don’t think it has a perfume added to it, it’s just the way it smells; whatever it is I like it.


This month I really enjoyed reading Three Amazing Things About You by Jill Mansell. I love her books, they are so funny and  romantic, but not dribbly. Her sense of humour is good. If you’re looking for a love story with a happy end, read this. Highly recommended.



I love the song Broken Home by 5 Seconds Of Summer. I listen to it every day. It is such a sad, unhappy, but unfortunately very true song. Way too many people feel exactly like that. There are so many broken homes  and this makes me feel so sad and I want to help everyone in the whole wide world. Lifegoal.



My all time fave concealer is the Essence (what a surprise) Stay All Day 16H long-lasting concealer. It covers bags under the eyes and spots/blemishes beautifully without lying heavily on your skin. It makes me look very fresh even if I didn’t sleep a lot the night before or I have some nasty little spots that day. This one is a liquid concealer, which I prefer to the cover sticks. Mine is in the colour 20 (‘Soft Beige’), but you can get them in various shades.  5*


Last but not least: The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt. It comes in a 300 ml jar. The perfume is amazing; if you have a sweet tooth like me, you’re going to love it( don’t eat it though). And if you are like me in the case of still loving a massive amount of bubbles in the bath to play with regardless of your age, then this is your paradise. Honestly, I haven’t found a bubblebath that would relax me this much.  The perfect thing after a long, tiring day at work/school. AND it’s Fair Trade and not tested on animals. Lovely.


I really hope you liked this post and didn’t find it sloppy or boring; please leave a comment below and enjoy your Sunday!