5 tips on how to make packing for a long trip easier+ all you need checklist


Soon I’m setting off on a pretty long journey and  obviously I need to take quite a lot of stuff to be prepared for everything. Earlier in my life I had trouble packing all the necessary things  without taking the kitchen sink with me, but gradually I realised that with a few changes I could make my (and hopefully your) life much easier.

  1.  Write a list of the things you need in advance and stick to it. It may take a while but it makes the actual process much quicker.
  2. Try your best to organise space. If   you have just the smallest gap between things, then put that will just fit something there. You can save a lot of room this way.
  3. Yes, lots of people prefer actual books over e-books/Kindle (I’m one of those people), but for a trip it’s much easier to download all your favourite novels on your device. Saves space.
  4. If you have children, get them involved. Ask them to put together what they would like to take, so you only have to check through their things and put them in the suitcase.
  5. Roll or bundle up your clothes. It doesn’t take that long and you can always give then a bit of an iron when you get to your destination.

And as I promised, I’ll write a checklist of some things necessary for a journey. Here you go!

  • Clothes:
  • bikini/bathing costume
  • hoodies/jumpers
  • shortsleeves
  • longsleeves
  • blouses
  • a dress
  • underware
  • a coat
  • trousers ( jeans/leggings/ whatever you wear )
  • sandals/slipons
  • trainers
  • Accesorries:
  • jewellery ( if you usually wear some )
  • wristwach
  • belt ( if necessary )
  • Beauty/personal hygene:
  • shower gel
  • shampoo&conditioner
  • mini hairspray
  • hairbands&clips
  • deodorant
  • facial cleanser ( if you can get a 2in1 make-up remover one then don’t hesitate! )
  • make-up remover
  • body lotion
  • razor&shaving cream/waxing kit
  • pantyliners&tampons
  • lipbalm
  • perfume
  • hairbrush
  • toothbrush&toothpaste
  • manicure kit
  • antibacterial handgel
  • suncream
  • make-up
  • hairdryer ( if you like, but most hotels and campsites do have their own )
  • Other:
  • gadgets( laptop, tablet, phone,iPod/MP4….)
  • chargers
  • earphones/headphones
  • a pen&notepad
  • maps ( even if you do have a GPS it’s good to have it with you )
  • GPS
  • magazines/books/e-books
  • blanket& pillow ( travel size- please don’t take the douvet with you )
  • food&water

Note: if you can get travel size of things, like mini shampoo, then take those to save space.

I hope this weeks post was helpful, if so please leave a comment below!

Happy Sunday!