About me

Hello there!

  My name is Christine and I started this blog to try and help people. Here you will find all sorts of things, for example fashion tips, hauls, advice on almost anything, personal opinions, the trial of beauty products, travelling and last but not least quick and easy recipes.


  I would like to post weekly, hopefully on Sundays,but in the beginning I will post more frequently to get going. Possibly you won’t see much in the Travellling menu point until the end of August, because that is when my trip abroad will end but I will write my experience of some previous journeys.


 My first post will be a 25 facts about me. If you read that and find anything in common, or you just want to get to know me, feel free to contact me. 


  I hope you all enjoy my attempts of quality writing and if you have any suggestions, opinions or requests please leave a comment.


Have a lovely day

Christine xxx

Contact: christine.buisnessonly@yahoo.com 

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